I’m a creative late bloomer who loves helping people find their voice. I host Truthful Type workshops & Writing the Sound writing retreats. My writing workshops and retreats are geared to helping people build the skills and courage to tell their stories. I’ve taught workshops for SFU Writer’s Studio, Royal City Literary Arts Society and other organizations.

What people who have worked with me say:

“Powerful things start happening when you work with Sonja. Sonja’s writing will crack your heart wide open. Her mentorship will help you find your way home.” Christine

“Sonja Larsen is one of the best writing teachers I have ever encountered. She’s that rare breed – both a phenomenal writer and an excellent teacher – practical, down to earth and smart.” Stephanie B

“You have a warm, welcoming, and inclusive manner that makes participants comfortable and creates a good learning environment.”

“I just wanted to say how much I loved the class – the conversation, the teaching material, the research you brought to us, the supportive environment.I will definitely take the next one!”

  • $10 Tuesdays writing prompts: 04/23 Objects
    This week we’ll be doing prompts geared to connecting to the power of objects and how they can focus and shape our stories . Who is this workshop suitable for? Whether it’s the first time you’ve […]
  • No filter online writing workshop and fundraiser
    Join me as I raise $ for my friend Molly’s kidney surgery recovery fund! Although we are so lucky to live in a country with mostly free healthcare, there is a substantial financial burden for people […]
  • Prompts for writing about family
    Whether you are just starting out or an experienced writer, looking to dig deeper into familiar stories or beginning to map new territory in your work, I hope you’ll join me for what I think will […]
  • Spring cleaning
    In our March 28th Truthful Type workshop we’ll do prompts based on spring cleaning. What is something you’ve let go of? What is something that needs dusting off? Suitable for writers of all skill levels, these […]
  • Small is beautiful
    In our next Trutfhul Tuesday session we’ll talk about writing the short and very short story. We’ll look at: Different forms and markets for short fiction Examples of flash non-fiction Creating and editing flash Monday February […]
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