I’m a creative late bloomer who loves helping people find their voice. I host Truthful Tuesdays workshops & Writing the Sound writing retreats. I host writing workshops and retreats geared at helping people build the skills and courage to tell their stories.

“I have taken so many writing classes and Sonja Larsen is one of the best writing teachers I have ever encountered. She’s that rare breed – both a phenomenal writer and an excellent teacher – practical, down to earth and smart.” Stephanie B

“I just wanted to say how much I loved the class – the conversation, the teaching material, the research you brought to us, the supportive environment.I will definitely take the next one!”

“You have a warm, welcoming, and inclusive manner that makes participants comfortable and creates a good learning environment.”

I’ve taught workshops for SFU Writer’s Studio, Royal City Literary Arts Society and other organizations.

Truthful Tuesdays July schedule
6 Prompts for the senses! 13 Prompts for working with photographs and artifacts. Bring a photo! 20 Story to stage Johanna Nutter on creating & performing theatre based on real life 27 The 3 minute memoir: Pitches & blurbs
Truthful Tuesdays May Workshop Schedule
Each workshop is held on Tuesdays 7-830 Pacific time via Zoom. This month I'm doing three generative workshops where we look at some ideas and tips on the subject and two or three short writing sessions. Our May 25th session will be a presentation and q&a about how point of view matters, both to our readers and to the people we're writing about. I'm excited thinking about prompts for our …
Roots and routes prompts Tuesday April 20th
This Tuesday we're taking prompts inspired by the upcoming Prairie Fire issue on Roots and Routes (deadline May 31st) We'll do some brainstorming and tackle prompts to spark or deepen our work on where we come from and where we're going. Sign up for the Truthful Tuesdays newsletter and you'll receive the Zoom invite to the session about an hour before hand. The sessions are free to attend and I …
Little stories big truths: Flash CNF workshop May 15th
Little stories that pack a punch! We'll look at examples, do writing exercises & explore the exciting flash creative non-fiction form.