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Better next year: when bad holidays make good stories

I really enjoy talking about real stuff with smart people so it was a pleasure to talk about hard holidays with JJ Lee and Ali Hassan on the Next Chapter. This conversation took me in some […]

Better next year

I’m so grateful to JJ Lee for encouraging me to write a Christmas story for BETTER NEXT YEAR An Anthology of Christmas Epiphanies. My story Tortue de Noel will be in this anthology of stories th…

Little Fiction | Big Truths – “Millions”

  My piece “Millions” is now available in the amazing (and free!)  flash non-fiction issue of Little Fiction | Big Truth. Packed with little stories about big moments, it’s a real ho…

Brevity blog – What I learned about writing from dog training

“Here is a thing you should know about me. Sooner or later it will all come back to dogs….” Read about how what I learned in dog training class helped my writing class on the Brevity…

2018 subterrain lush triumphant nonfiction winner – “Desire eclipses memory”

Desire Eclipse Memory is about a time in my mid-twenties when i was working at one of Montreal’s more notorious restaurants and teetering on the edge of addiction and crisis. It’s a story …


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Red Star Tattoo Book Trailer

I said when I began writing this book I would embrace all the learning and growth opportunities that the work gave me. I’ve battled with honesty, fear, ego, and now….IMovie.  Here is …

Room Magazine – “Halloween 1973”

We were walking down the road towards the full moon. A blue pick-up truck passed us. In the back of the truck were a witch, a fairy, and a ghost. I was Little Red Riding Hood. […]

Quotable Blog – “Memory, fiction, and drug dealers I have known”

“Writing is how I process and honour experiences that too often are seen as secret or shameful. Like the man at the halfway house, I want to tell you where I came from, how I got […]

Five Dollars in Fair Trade Journal

Angie’s lost her $5 and she’s pissed. $5 is a lot to an eleven year old. My husband told me how a woman stepped out in the middle of the street not too far from here […]

Skid Row Obituary @

“The photocopy wears away the soft edges, chisels it all down to light and dark. Nobody says anything as she stands over the photocopier, crying. The machine makes a steady motion under her fing…

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