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Truthful Type explores the revolutionary act of telling your own stories. Sign up for my newsletter to get invitations to free Truthful Type workshops, writing prompts and resources for creative non-fiction writers.

Each Truthful Type workshop I present material or prompts related to creative non-fiction. These workshops are free but each session I will share a link to a cause or group that could use your support, so please pay it forward if you can!

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I began these workshops during the pandemic to help support community and creativity, both in myself and others. I offer these workshops for free because I believe in the power of telling your story, and that creative encouragement and community should be available to everyone.
Please honour the spirit behind Truthful Type by paying it forward if you can.


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Truthful Type: Prompts about childhood
Whether you are just beginning or a seasoned writer, these prompts will get you thinking and writing about your formative years. a free/by donation online generative workshop. Sign up at
Truthful Tuesdays July schedule
6 Prompts for the senses! 13 Prompts for working with photographs and artifacts. Bring a photo! 20 Story to stage Johanna Nutter on creating & performing theatre based on real life 27 The 3 minute memoir: Pitches …
Truthful Tuesdays May Workshop Schedule
Each workshop is held on Tuesdays 7-830 Pacific time via Zoom. This month I'm doing three generative workshops where we look at some ideas and tips on the subject and two or three short writing sessions. Our …
Roots and routes prompts Tuesday April 20th
This Tuesday we're taking prompts inspired by the upcoming Prairie Fire issue on Roots and Routes (deadline May 31st) We'll do some brainstorming and tackle prompts to spark or deepen our work on where we come from …
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