truthful tuesdays

Truthful Tuesdays

These free workshops explore the revolutionary act of telling your own stories. Each sesson I present material or prompts related to creative non-fiction. I offer these workshops for free but each session I will share a link to a cause or group that could use your support, so please pay it forward if you can!


March 16: Prompts – Writing the Virus
March 23: Workshop – Spring cleaning! 11 ways to work with something that feels stuck
March 30: The 5 W’s
April 6th: The power of firsts
April 13th: Write like a dog!

I began these workshops during the pandemic to help support community and creativity, both in myself and others. I offer these workshops for free because I believe in the power of telling your story, and that creative encouragement and community should be available to everyone.
Please honour the spirit behind Truthful Tuesdays by paying it forward if you can.

With money

You can donate to the Paul Thomas Scholarship fund You can find out more here:

Donate to an organization in your community that supports vulnerable youth.

With time

Listen to the story of someone who seems lonely

Call or message someone you’ve been thinking about

Attend an online arts event


You can support the Truthful Tuesdays project through Patreon. Patrons get access to the Truthful Tuesdays resource library & more.

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