Truthful Tuesdays May Workshop Schedule

Each workshop is held on Tuesdays 7-830 Pacific time via Zoom. This month I’m doing three generative workshops where we look at some ideas and tips on the subject and two or three short writing sessions. Our May 25th session will be a presentation and q&a about how point of view matters, both to our readers and to the people we’re writing about. I’m excited thinking about prompts for our mysteries and certainties session. What do we know for sure? What will we never know?

The (corrected) schedule for May is:

May 4 Prompts about childhood

May 11 Prompts about places

May 18 Prompts about family

May 25 Point of view & writing about other people

June 1 Prompts about mystery and certainty

After a full year of running these workshops I am still trying to understand what is driving me to create a low/no barrier space for writers to come and work and explore themes together. All I have so far is it just feels a little magic. So I am following that magic.

“Sonja’s enthusiasm and expertise keeps me coming back every week”


A big thank you this month to to Lisa, Christine, Mistinguette, Joanne, Alison, Dace, Theresa Tammy, and Joanne who helped keep the Zoom account running! My patron -only newsletter is in the works (I promise) & the resource library has most (but not all) the past year’s prompts.

And a big thank you to everyone who has participated in Truthful Tuesday. I’ve been inspired by your stories, courage and creativity over this past strange year. Thanks for being part of my magic, and hope I’ve been part of yours! I love hearing how the writing prompts or ideas you’ve gotten from these workshops have shaped your work.

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