Red Star Tattoo in a winter wonderland #tbt

It is still a little strange to see a childhood photograph sitting on a bookstore shelf. Sometimes I look at the little face on the cover of my book and I think Oh the terrible and amazing things that are going to happen to you in life little girl.

Count January squarely in the amazing category as I took Red Star Tattoo to Ottawa, then Montreal and finally Toronto. It was not only exciting to talk about the book but it was a great chance to visit with my in-laws, connect with friends I hadn’t seen in years (some in decades!)  and do a little sight-seeing with my honey. I try never to forget for an instant how lucky — in every sense of the word — I am.

Ottawa / Montreal / Toronto


The Vancouver Incite reading and Galianio Literary Festival deserve their own post so I’ll save that until next Thursday’s TBT.


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