Red Star Tattoo book proof
There was a sign over the door at the safe house in Brooklyn that told us how many days were left. Left until the revolution was supposed to start. That sounds crazy now, that feels crazy now, but back then having a fixed point in time seemed like proof of something real.  A date I looked at all the time and thought: one way or another my life is going to change on that day. Maybe that’s something a lot of young people go through. Imagining prom, or graduating high school, or what it will be like when they turn 21 and can finally drink anywhere they want to. Instead of those things I imagined the start or sometimes the end of my life, fighting for a communist america.

We counted down. I cannot tell you the last names of most of the dozens of people I lived with during those years or what song  was on the top 40, or what shows were popular on TV.  But I can tell you that it was 694 days from the revolution on my 17th birthday and 4 days on Valentines 1984.

These days I have a new date that I am counting down to. January 12, 2016.

That’s the day RED STAR TATTOO my life as a girl revolutionary comes out.

After the years of writing and the months of editing, this book is almost a reality. Now there is just the waiting. I’m not good at this part. I was never good at this part.


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