2013 in review

I said when I started writing my memoir about my radical childhood that I would decide at the end of it if I wanted to be a writer or not. All I knew at the start was that I needed to write that book. But as I discovered I had to become a writer to write a book.

It has been a long and interesting journey as I’ve learned to write better stories, give a reading, take criticism. As I’ve both toughened up and opened up to all the things that writing brings into my life.

In 2013 I found an agent for my book and had 5 pieces published.

“Charity on the Steps” appeared in the Descant Hidden City Issue in Spring of 2013. I organized a reading for the launch of this and had great readers from both Descant and Vallum Poetry.
“Skidrow Obituary”  and “First Fight” both appeared in Truthola  in the Summer 2013.
“Until He Pulls Out The Knife” was featured in the UK site Litro  in the fall. Finally “What Is Sweet” appears in the “Memory” issues of The Quotable in Winter 2013

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