These are ramblings, repeated wisdom and everything else. Possibly a blog.

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Notes on a long list

Middle age is a tricky time to learn about being a good competitor, winning and losing with any kind of grace. As a child I was terrible at all sports and my parents consoled me […]
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Where we live now

Here is a picture that a friend sent to me of a book case at the Tommy Douglas library. I’m in some pretty interesting company there, but then again, these feel like pretty interesting times. Gino (aka the […]
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Conversations about secrets and story-telling

11939678_178968955786178_1218388252_nFirst there was the silence, The years and years of silence. Then slowly there were a few stories. I let it slip that my entire alternative school use to go skinny dipping together. That I used to be some kind of radical.  That I was writing a book. Then finally there was the book. Red Star Tattoo. And now, as though to make up for those years of silence there are so many conversations. Conversations about secrets and story telling, revolution and resilience, getting through and moving on.