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He pulled out a photograph of a woman. I loved her, he said, I loved her so much. He was very drunk. He told me they’d lived together someplace exotic, done a lot of drugs. He told me why it ended but I don’t remember what it was. I remember I didn’t believe it. He said it was the only picture of her he had. He said he’d spent five years fucked up about it but tonight he was done goddammit. He tore up the picture in front of me. Imagine a time when there was only one picture. When it was possible for all the traces of a person to be torn up and disappear. Imagine that she reappears to him, decades later, given back by the woman in the bar who asked if she could keep the pieces. #Lifebeforetheinternet #storiesfrombars #analoguelife #artifacts #thingsicantgetridof #Cnfgram #tinytruth

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