Prompts for writing about family

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced writer, looking to dig deeper into familiar stories or beginning to map new territory in your work, I hope you’ll join me for what I think will be a thought provoking session on family. Who is/was the story teller in your family? The rulemaker? The peacekeeper? Have these roles shifted over time? We’ll use writing prompts to explore some elements that shape our families. 

Monday May 2nd 6:30 – 8:30 (PDT)

I offer these workshops for free.Making and supporting creative work is my way of coping with uncertain times. I began these workshops during the pandemic and they have offered me, and I hope all participants, a sense of community and generosity. If you enjoy the workshop please feel free to pay it forward in whatever way feels best suited to your interests and means at this moment.

I am currently dedicating my workshops to: Indian Residential School Survivors Society & Raven’s Trust Wet’suwet’en legal defense fund

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