My fiction has been featured in literary publications in US, Canada and the UK. My non-fiction stories and essays have appeared in the Globe and Mail, Sub-terrain, Little Fiction Big Truths and Room.

I’ve done commissioned & freelance writing for BC Woman, Business in Vancouver, as well as non-profit organizations and campaigns.

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Flash Fiction on Litro.Co.Uk

“Until he pulls out the knife, the young man sitting in the corner is like every other homeless man that comes through the shelter, a little smelly, a little crazy, a little lost among all […]
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Skid Row Obituary @

“The photocopy wears away the soft edges, chisels it all down to light and dark. Nobody says anything as she stands over the photocopier, crying. The machine makes a steady motion under her fingers, like rocking, and […]
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First Fight

“I’ve known Angie since she was in preschool. Now she’s old enough to wear a training bra and a fresh bruise from her first fight.” Read more of First Fight at